Open die and closed die forgings and forged steel


It has ultra-high power electric LF, VD (VOD), ESR, (non) vacuum induction furnace, vacuum consumable furnace, 4500 tons and 2000 tons of free forging hydraulic units, electro-hydraulic hammers and other advanced equipment and strong technical force, forming It has a complete forging production line, with the production capacity of forging materials and forgings such as bars, modules, shafts, cylinders, disks rings and special-shaped parts.


The main products produced are stainless steel, tool steel, high-temperature alloy steel, Steels of blade for steam turbine, carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, new military trial products and other special steel hot-rolled bars, hot-rolled flat steels and hot-rolled coils. It is used in aviation, aerospace, machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, mold and other industries.

Forged bars and forgings are produced by forging under a hammer, in dies, or with a press of heated steel at a suitable temperature. Shape is produced by hitting or pressing of the anvil. The VIRGAMET's range of forged products includes:

  • Forged bars, forgings and shafts of carbon, machine, structural, non-alloy steel
  • Forged bars, forgings of manganese, spring and abrasion resistant steel
  • Forged bars, forgings of high grade austenitic 11G12 steel
  • Forged bars, forgings and shafts from alloy steel for heat treatment
  • Forged rods and forging made from SilChrom – SiCr valve steel
  • Forged bars and forgings from special and quality steels for general technical applications
  • Forged bars and forgings, heat-resistant and hot-forged, for work in high temperatures
  • Forged and forgings for carburizing, nitriding and cyanidizing
  • Forged bars and forgings for curing and surface hardening
  • Forged bars and forgings from tool steel for hot and cold work
  • Forged and forgings bars, stainless and acid-resistant
  • Forged and titanium forgings made from titanium alloys
  • Forged bars and forgings made from duplex stainless two-phase steel
  • Forged bars, forgings and shafts for thermal improvement without nickel and molybdenum
  • Ferritic, martensitic and austenitic forged bars and forgings
  • Forged bars, forgings made from alloy spring steel
  • Forged bars, forgings and shafts made of high-alloyed steel
  • Forged bars and forgings for work in elevated and high temperatures
  • Forged bars and forgings made from nickel steel for use in low temperatures
  • Forged bars, forgings and shafts for pressure equipment
  • Forged bars and forgings made of precipitation hardened steel with microdadditives
  • Forged bars and forgings made from bearing steel for elements of rolling bearings
  • Forged bars and forging made from high-speed steel
  • Forged bars and forgings for heat-chemical treatment

Forgings, shafts, bars and other forged goods for individual applications as components and subassemblies in various industries:

  • Forgings of regular cross-section, round, square, rectangular and even hexagonal
  • Forgings of multiflanged shafts, thrust shafts, countershafts
  • Forgings of66 symmetrically weaned shafts
  • Forgings for heavy-duty toothed gears, sprockets, and piston pins
  • Forgings for springs for motor vehicles
  • Forging for crankshafts, for pipes connectors
  • Forgings of eccentric shafts
  • Forgings of drive shafts of machinery and camshafts
  • Forgings for turbine blades, shafts for turbines and turbogenerators
  • Forgings for screws, turbine rotors, boilers parts,
  • Forgings for crankshaft main bearing journals
  • Forgings for ship's steering parts
  • Forgings for clamping screws, locomotive axles, block headers for railway industry
  • Forgings for railway and wagon axles, wagon pull rods
  • Forgings for heavy-duty parts of machines and engines in the automotive and aerospace industries
  • Forged rolls, heat-treated for cold rolling
  • Forgings for pins, for the part of aviation equipment
  • Forgings for parts for equipment for astronautics
  • Forgings for die inserts, cutting boards, hot cutting knives
  • Forged bars and forgings for special drills, supporting rolls


The table provides a simple list of nomenclature for individual products manufactured by forging:

TypeForgedHot forging of shaft pieces.Disks and rings foringsClosed die forgings / Module forgings
Dia.(mm)Dia x L(mm)Unit Weight(Kg)OD X L(mm)Unit Weight(Kg)T x W(mm)Unit Weight(Kg)
Carbon structural steelΦ80~450Φ180~1000
Alloy structural steelΦ80~450Φ180~1000
Low alloy steelΦ80~450Φ180~1000
Carbon tool steelΦ80~350

Alloy tool steelΦ80~350Φ180 - 650
HSS tool steelΦ80~250

Spring steelΦ80~250

Ball bearing steelsΦ80~350Φ180~650

Stainless steelΦ80~350Φ180~650
High-temperature steelΦ80~350Φ180~650
High temperature alloyΦ80~300Φ150~400

Forgings, bars, shafts, rings, disk and other forged
Forging Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Retaining Rings 

Forgings according to the technical drawing

Annealed condition (+A)

900 tons of molten steel, 700 tons of steel ingots, 500 tons of castings, 400 tons of forgings;

Spec.: GB/T, ASTM, EN, DIN, JIS, Ge, Siemens, Alston, Hitachi etc.

Forged round bars, forged flat bars, forged square bars, forged hexagonal bars
Forged round, flat, square bars on swaging machine
Forged flat bars

Normalized condition (+N)


Normalized and tempered (+NT)

Forged disk
Disks with pierced opening
Forged cubes
Forged plates and blocks
Shaft forgings

Quenched and tempered (+QT)

Shaped forgings
Forgings with offsettings
Beater forgings
Open-die Forgings
Forged rings, forged and rolled, and becked
Sleeves forged on the spindle
Forged sleeves with offsettings
Bored and becked sleeves
Closed-die forgings