Steel wire


The company's business scope includes: Special Steel Wire production, technical consultation and after-sales service; special purpose steel wire research and joint development; special steel wire processing. 

The main products are: stainless steel wire, spring steel wire, bearing steel wire, tool steel wire, structural steel wire, cold heading steel wire, precision alloy wire, high temperature alloy wire, silver bright steel wire, special-shaped steel wire and various steel wires with specific composition and special performance requirements.


Aviation, aerospace, electronics, ships, weapons, machinery, automobiles and other industries

Smelting method

  • EAF
  • Non-Vacuum induction furnace
  • LF
  • VD (VOD)
  • AOD
  • ESR
  • VAR + ESR
  • VAR + VIM
ProductSpec.Delivery condition
Oil-quench-tempering wiresISO 8458-3 EN 10270-2:2011, GB/T 18983-2003(Replace YB/T5102, GB4359,YB/T5103, GB4360, YB/T5104, GB 4361, YB/T5105, GB4362, YB/T095Wire rod, vertical bar
Stainless steel wiresJIS G4309,ASTM A580, GB/T 4240-2009Cold drawn, Light drawn, Soft
Stainless steel spring wires JIS G4314, ASTM A313, EN10270-3:2011, GB/T 24588-2009, GJB 3320-98 YB(T)11-83Cold drawn
Stainless cold-heading wiresJISG 4315, ASTM A493, GB/T 4232-2009, GJB 3526-99Soft, Light drawn
Stainless steel wires for weldingJIS G3321, AWS A5.9, YB/T 5092-2005, GJB 3785-99Cold drawn, Soft
Free cutting steel wiresASTM A581, GB/T 4240-2009Cold drawn, Light drawn
Gas valve steel wiresJIS G4311, GB/T12773-2008
Bearing steel wiresASTM A295, JIS G4805, GB/T 18579-01,GB/T 18254-02, GJB 6484-2008, YB/T 096, YB/T 688Annealed, Light drawn, Phosphating
Carbon spring steel wiresJIS G3521, ISO 8458-2:2002, JIS G3522, GB/T 4357-89, GB/T 4357-2009, GB/T 4358-1995,YB/T 5311-2010, GJB 1497-92, GJB 5260-2003Cold drawn
Alloy spring steel wiresASTM A231M, ASTM A401M, YB/T5318-2006(Replace GB/T 5218-85、GB/T5219-85、GB/T5221-85) , GJB1957-94, GJB5259-2003, YB/T5136-93Cold drawn, HT, Silver bright
Carbon tool steel wiresJIS G4401, YB/T 5322-2010 (Replace GB/T 5952-1986), YB/T 5187-2004, Annealed
Alloy tool steel wiresASTM A681-2007, JIS G4404, YB/T095Annealed
High speed tool steel wiresASTM A600, JIS G4403, GB/T3080-2001、YB/T5302-2010Annealed
Cold-heading wiresJIS G3539, DIN 1654, B.S. 3111, ASTM A547, GB/T5953.1-2009, YB/T5144-2006, GJB3319-98HD, SALD, ASALD, SA
Carbon structural steel wiresYB/T 5303-2010(Replace GB/T3206-1982)、GJB 3527-98Cold drawn, Annealed
Alloy structural steel wiresGJB 3327-98, YB/T 5301-2010 (Replace GB/T3079-1993)Cold drawn, Annealed
Steel wires for weldingGB/T 14957-1994Cold drawn
Free Cutting Steel WireGB/T 8731-2008, GJB 1494-92Cold drawn

Scope of supply of special alloy wire

Steel ClassificationDia.(mm)Delivery condition
Fe-Ni soft magnetic alloyΦ0.10~12.0Cold and Hard, Soft
High resistance for electrical heating0.10~8.0Soft
High-SAT, magnetic temperature compensation, corrosion resistant, Fe-Al, constant permeability magnetically soft alloy0.10~8.0Hard、Soft
Fe-Co-V permanent magnetic alloy0.50~3.0Cold drawn
high elastic alloy for spiral spring 3J9(2Cr19Ni9Mo)0.40~12.0Cold drawn
Fe-Ni-Co Alloy0.10~7.0Hard、Soft
Fe-Ni-Cr alloy0.10~7.0Hard、Soft
Fe-Ni alloy 4J432.0~16.0Cold drawn, polished
Glass sealed iron-chromium alloy0.10~8.0Hard、Soft
Wires of 3J22 alloy for axel-centre technicl requirement0.50~2.0Cold drawn
Alloy for elastic element0.10~6.0Cold drawn
Constant elastic alloy for frequency element0.10~6.0Cold drawn
Wires of constant elastic alloy for wirst watch0.10~6.0Cold drawn
Nickel-chromium electrical resistance alloy wires0.03~0.45Soft、Hard
Nickel-chromium precision electrical resistance alloy wires0.10~4.0HT
Wroughtiron-chrominm-cobalt permanent magnet alloys0.20~7.5Cold drawn

Specification for cold drawn wires of heat-resisting superalloy for cold upsetting

1.0~8.0AT, Cold drawn
Specification for cold drawn wires of heat-resisting superalloy for welding0.30~10.0Cold drawn
Cold drawn heat-resisting superalloy wires for cold upseting2.0~8.0AT
Corrosion-resisting alloy wires for welding0.30~8.0Cold drawn、Soft
ProductDia. mmDia. mm

Wire rodVertical rodWire rodVertical rodPolished

Q+T Wires4.0~14.04.0~12.0Carbon tool steel wires1.0~16.01.0~16.02.0~15.5
Stainless wires0.1~16.01.0~16.0Alloy tool steel wires1.0~14.01.0~14.01.0~13.5
Stainless spring wires0.1~8.0
High speed tool steel wires1.0~12.01.0~12.01.0~11.5
Stainless cold heading wires1.0~16.01.0~15.5Cold-heading wire1.0~16.0
Stainless wires for welding0.5~10.0
Carbon structural steel wires1.0~16.01.0~16.02.0~16.0
Free Cutting Steel Wires1.0~15.01.0~15.0Alloy structural steel wires1.0~16.01.0~16.02.0~16.0
Valve steel rod3.0~16.03.0~15.5Steel wires for welding0.5~10.0

Bearing Steel Wires1.0~18.02.0~17.5Free Cutting Steel Wires1.0~14.01.0~14.02.0~14.0
Carbon spring steel wires0.3~13.0
Precision alloy wires0.3~16.0
Alloy spring steel wires1.0~16.02.0~15.5Superalloy wires1.0~10.0