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Longhai Special Steel Ltd - is a quality steel supplier engaged in manufacturing and processing, export, wholesale and retail.

Special Steel

After near 16 years' construction and development, steel-making factories have had various instrument 821 sets, which values RMB 158.60 million Yuan. It forms many advanced production-lines which can smelt several kinds of qualitative special steels such as carbon structure steel, alloy structure steel, carbon tool steel, super alloy, tool and die steel, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, high speed tool steel and heat resisting steel, etc. Especially in smelting tool and die steel, furnace steel and steel used in the nuclear industry, the smelting technology is more advanced than professions in our country. 

This factory has the special superiorities that only special steel industries own have that is technology instruments for smelting and persons of ability. 

Special Steel

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