Hot-rolled and Cold-rolled strip steel


It has 400 semi-continuous hot strip rolling mill; 350 four-high reversible cold rolling mill, 15 tons gas hood furnace; solid-state high-frequency welded pipe unit; straight wire drawing machine, continuous bright heat treatment furnace. It has a complete hot-rolled coil, cold-rolled coil, welded steel pipe, and steel wire production line. It can produce high-quality hot and cold coiled tape, welded pipe and steel wire products. 


Products are widely used in construction, hardware, machinery and other industries.

  • Transformers, relays, electromagnetic clutches, transformers, magnetic amplifiers, iron cores of choke coils, magnetic shields and computer device components that work in weak and medium magnetic fields.
  • Electromagnet pole head, end welded tube in magnetron, earphone diaphragm, torque motor rotor, transducer iron core.
  • Solenoid valves in various control systems that work under the influence of medium, temperature and pressure
  • Constant inductance components.
  • Various tape drive heads, chips and iron cores of tape recorders and high-frequency devices.
  • Magnetic shunt compensation components in electromagnetic circuits and permanent magnetic circuits.
  • Production of corrosion-resistant magnetic media materials and solenoid valves.
  • Various head shells, chips, spacers.
  • Small cross-section permanent magnet elements with complex shapes.
  • In the case of low magnetic performance requirements, make magnetic needles and other permanent magnetic components.
  • Integral hysteresis motor rotor.
  • Rotors of hysteresis motors working in medium and high magnetic fields.
  • Make high elastic components in the instrument.
  • Various instruments, springs and other elastic elements working below 400°C.
  • Various diaphragms, bellows, bellows, springs and other elastic elements in the instrument.
  • Components such as the vibrator of the mechanical filter, the tuning fork of the frequency resonant cavity, and the reed in the resonant relay.
  • Make high temperature and high elastic components.
  • Matching and sealing with hard glass in the electric vacuum industry.
  • Matching and sealing with ceramics in the electric vacuum industry.
  • Matching and sealing with ceramics in the electric vacuum industry.
  • Dumet wire core material.
  • Various instruments, instrument parts, resonant cavities, klystrons, and bimetal passive layers that require dimensional stability.
  • Used for non-matching sealing with ceramics to make non-magnetic components such as gyroscopes.
  • It is matched and sealed with various soft glass or ceramics in an electric vacuum.
  • A precise wire ruler with stable dimensions is required.
  • A high-precision non-magnetic magnetic ruler is required.
  • Used for non-matching sealing with ceramics to make vacuum switch tubes and other non-magnetic components.
  • Used for matching and sealing with ceramics to make vacuum switch tubes, etc.
  • In the electric vacuum industry, it is matched and sealed with the corresponding soft glass.
  • Resistive strips for locomotives and others.
  • Electric heating elements of various electric furnaces, precision resistance elements of various instruments and meters.

Smelting method

  • EAF
  • Non-Vacuum induction furnace
  • LF
  • VD (VOD)
  • AOD
  • ESR
  • VAR + ESR
  • VAR + VIM
ProductSteelgroupDim.(mm)Delivery statusApplication
Cold rolledCarbon structural steel0.25~3.00*30~200Cold hard, semi-soft, softUsed in the manufacture of welded pipes, cold-formed steel, packaging belts, cable belts, light steel keels, chains, small hardware, stamping parts, agricultural machinery structural parts, auto parts industries, etc.
Alloy structural steel0.25~3.00*30~200Cold hard, soft
High-quality carbon structural steel0.25~3.00*30~200Cold hard, soft
Spring steel0.25~3.00*30~180Cold hard, softSmall hardware, saw blade manufacturing and other industries
Carbon tool steel0.25~3.00*30~180Cold hard, softManufacturing of hardware, mechanical blades, and knives
stainless steel0.25~3.00*30~180Cold hard, softTableware, kitchenware, knife manufacturing
Steel for bullet chain and clip0.45~2.00*30~200Soft
Precision alloy0.05~3.0×≤420mm

Hot rolledCarbon structural steel1.8~4.0*100~240Air coolingTube blanks, cold strip blanks, various steel structures, cold-formed steel
Structural alloy steel2.5~4.0*100~200Air cooling(Ann)
Quality carbon structural steels2.4~4.0*100~200Air cooling
Stainless steel2.75~4.0*100~180air cooling(Ann)Cold rolled billet and machinery manufacturing
Spring steels2.40~4.0*100~190Air coolingHardware and saw blade manufacturing
Toll steels2.4~4.00*100~200Air coolingHardware,knife, Cutlery
Precision alloy3.0~13.0×60~420mm